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Everyone has junk. Maybe it’s leftover supplies from a project that has been collecting dust in the garage or perhaps the dishwasher finally kicked the bucket and you don’t know where to take it, so into the yard it went.

What about that pile of toys the kids just had to have that are now taking up precious real estate in the closet? Long forgotten, but certainly not gone. From home renovation scraps to tree trimmings, one thing is true.

Junk must go somewhere. But the idea of moving that mountain of junk or clutter just seems impossible. Many people find themselves at a loss, you know it needs to go somewhere, but how?

Well, you could spend an ENTIRE weekend and do it all yourself. Or you could give us a call and have our professional junk removal service provide a crew to do it for you!

Although most people can handle collecting a few odds and ends around the house and tossing it into the dumpster, our professional junk removal company is a much more efficient and thorough option. We’re the hassle-free approach to a big problem.

Junk Removal & Hauling Services

Junk Removal

Need to do a spring cleaning? We provide junk removal services for residential and commercial properties.  

Green Waste Removal

Ready to get the kids outside to clean up the yard? We will haul away tree limbs, grass, weeds, brush and much more.

Large Item Hauling

Do you need help hauling a large item? We don’t just do junk, but can transport appliances and anything large locally.

Construction Debris Removal

Do you have construction debris leftover from a remodel? Let us haul it away and avoid trying to stuff it into your trash cans.

Hoarding Cleanup

Have a family member that’s a hoarder? This can be a sensitive topic, we can donate those items and haul away the rest.

Move in - Move out

Recently bought a house? How about you sold your home or were renting and need to move out. We are pros at removing what’s left.

Pros of Hiring a Junk Hauling Service


The junk gets hauled away whether you have time to do it yourself or not

Let’s face it, no one has extra time in their busy schedules. Spending time to haul junk can eat a whole day’s worth of productivity both at home and on the job site. The time that could be better spent doing what you really want to be doing. For instance, instead of wasting days paying for employees to clean up a job let us send our capable crew to do it for you. No matter what the location, your junk goes away but you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to do it.


No back-breaking work

Moving a pile of junk can be dangerous. Most of the time items are too heavy and awkward to be moved by just one person. We make the problem go away without the back-breaking work. Whether it’s a heavy piece of furniture or a mound of branches we have the right team to carry your junk away.


Not only are old appliances like refrigerators heavy and hard to move but they can also have harmful chemicals. Most have coolants that require specific disposal procedures. Not following them can cost you a hefty fine. Let us remove your old appliances without causing harm to you or your property and disposing of them properly without worry.


Time equals money

If you’re cleaning up junk around your home, there’s no doubt that you’re going to have to rearrange at least a full weekend of activities. You might even have to take time off work to finish the job. This is money out of your pocket and time wasted that could be spent doing what you enjoy. On the job site, trained employees shouldn’t be wasting time, money, and energy by throwing junk away. Hire us and we’ll haul it all away for you.


Anything and everything can be hauled away

No matter if you have a whole pile of junk or just a washing machine to get rid of, professional junk haulers can take care of it. We don’t worry about the size of the load, just that you need it gone.

Why Choose Us

Licensed & Insured

Even though we are removing junk, we still want to be careful with your property. That’s why we are fully licensed & insured.

Professional Equipment

Work smarter not harder is true no matter what industry you’re in. Having the right tools means all the difference.

Affordable & Honest

We are a local small business that believes in providing a great service at an affordable price. Why pay more?

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Santa Maria Junk Removal is only satisfied if you are. Give us a call today to see how we are different than the "big" guys. Here are some reviews from recent jobs.

Great service at an awesome price! They worked through their schedule, had the crew show up earlier than promised, and they did a fantastic job on the cleanup. I own a construction company and I will be using their services again. 

I was moving out of my apartment and needed to get rid of my king-sized mattress. I searched google and called a few places. These guys were the most reasonably priced and had availability for the next day.

From the time I made the call to get information and schedule pickup until the time they drove off with our “junk”, it was 100% perfect. They were so professional, kind, respectful, and provided EXCELLENT customer service!

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