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Santa Maria Construction Debris Removal

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Construction Debris Removal for the entire Central Coast

We provide construction debris removal services for San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties for your convenience.

Whether you’ve overseen dozens of construction sites or your venturing into the world of home renovations for the very first time, you’re going to make a mess. There will be hundreds of pounds of construction debris just piling up and stressful deadlines to meet. On the job site, the crew should be able to focus on completing the job, not the cleanup.

For a homeowner, a home renovation is also a big job, one that requires hours of endless decision making and hard work. Chances are, it’ll simultaneously be one of the most exciting and stressful times in your homeownership journey.

Regardless if you’re the one swinging the hammer or you’ve hired a team to do it for you, construction clean up shouldn’t be part of your job. Big jobs like this require a team that knows what they’re doing, in the case of construction debris removal, our professional junk hauling service in Santa Maria provides the answer. That’s why we’re just a phone call away.


Why do I need a construction debris removal service?

  • Proper Disposal of Items

While it might seem simple to start a burn pile or even load up a truck or trailer and dump construction debris all at the landfill, it is not recommended. It is not uncommon for construction debris to contain hazardous materials such as lead or asbestos.

The burning of construction debris is potentially illegal and should be avoided. In addition to be a fire hazard, the smoke, residue, and vapors produced while burning could be hazardous pollutants Our team has the right equipment and is professionally trained to handle and dispose of construction debris safely.

  • Decreases Pollution and Waste

Safely disposing of construction debris ensures that any hazardous materials remain out of our environment. A large amount of construction debris is recyclable or able to be repurposed. It does not have to end up at the landfill. We can make sure that construction debris is responsibly recycled.  

  • Decreases Chance of Injury

Construction sites are often chaotic. With several jobs taking place at one time and debris piling up, accidents are likely to happen. Bringing us in to remove the mess and clean as you work alleviates the chance of injury and helps to get the job done quickly.

  • Saves you Money

Letting us come and haul off your construction debris will save you time and money. Not only will labor costs be decreased but deadlines are more likely to be met. Without wasting time on cleaning and junk disposal, productivity will increase, and the crew can get back to the work that matters. All this means that the job will be done quicker. In addition, you won’t be accruing any of those pesky fees to the local landfill or responsible for disposal fees for any hazardous waste.

Once the dust settles all the hard work put into the home renovation or new construction will be well worth your effort. We can help get you to the finish line. Whether it’s a one-time cleanup or ongoing effort, we’ll be there! 

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Great service at an awesome price! They worked through their schedule, had the crew show up earlier than promised, and they did a fantastic job on the cleanup. I own a construction company and I will be using their services again. 

I was moving out of my apartment and needed to get rid of my king-sized mattress. I searched google and called a few places. These guys were the most reasonably priced and had availability for the next day.

From the time I made the call to get information and schedule pickup until the time they drove off with our “junk”, it was 100% perfect. They were so professional, kind, respectful, and provided EXCELLENT customer service!

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